Volunteers Aid Home Renovation for Navajo Code Talker

Volunteers from APS' Native American Networking Organization helped with renovations on Dan Akee's Tuba City house. | Courtesy of Red Feather

A while back, we told you about Dan Akee, a 94-year-old Navajo Code Talker who's unable to live in his dilapidated Tuba City home. Last month, a team of volunteers from Arizona Public Service Co. spent a day making needed improvements to the home.

Red Feather, the organization heading up renovation efforts, said in a news release that the volunteers installed insulation and drywall, and taped the home's rooms for painting and finishing later.

APS also has weatherized the home, adding double-paned windows and other improvements. Red Feather is still seeking donations for further improvements, including materials to build a wheelchair ramp for the house. The ramp was designed by woodworking students at Tuba City High School, who hope to build it as well, Red Feather said.

To contribute to the project, you can visit Akee's Generosity.com page or the Red Feather website.


I had thought the last Navaho Code Talker passed away. This I a wonderful project!

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