Photo by Paul Markow
By Kyla Pearce | Photograph by Paul Markow

John Wong, the owner of Bloom in downtown Globe, took a risk when he decided to bring Asian fusion to a small Arizona town. But his restaurant, which opened in 2018, quickly proved that the risk was worthwhile. In fact, Bloom has even introduced sushi to Globe residents who had never tried it before. One of them, now a regular, first visited on her 83rd birthday to sample sushi for the first time. “She tried it and loved it,” Wong says. “She ordered almost everything on the menu.”

Wong (pictured) was born and raised on a potato farm in Ontario, Canada. His math studies took him to Arizona and then on adventures abroad. During his travels, Wong dipped his toes in the world of cooking, learning from chefs and home kitchens along the way. Inspired by his new knowledge, Wong opened his first restaurant in Melbourne, Australia, then returned to Arizona and operated Asia, a restaurant in Mesa. After a successful 15-year run there, he relocated to Globe to be closer to family. 

In the process, Wong transformed a formerly run-down building in downtown Globe into a restaurant with an exciting and upbeat vibe. He calls Bloom “a place to take a date or impress a friend from out of town.” Customers come in and are shocked that Bloom is in a little town instead of a large city such as Los Angeles, Wong says. 

The menu matches the vibe. Inspired by Wong’s time abroad, it offers flavors from around the world, including Japan, China, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia. One customer favorite, the Spicy Buddha Shrimp, is crispy and covered in a spicy plum sauce. Wong says almost every table orders the Ancient House Special Fried Rice, which he adds is the best fried rice anywhere. The sushi is also a hit at Bloom, Wong says, for both newbies and longtime fans. But Wong’s personal favorite is the Lantern Flame, a savory and slightly sweet pad thai entree with a kick. All of the sauces are made in-house, and chef specials are offered weekly.

Bloom prides itself on its eclectic menu and continues to develop and explore new menu items. Its variety of dishes, lively atmosphere and excellent service have brought a buzz of excitement to the area, Wong says: “I believe Bloom single-handedly gave downtown life again.”

The restaurant’s success inspired Wong to the point that in 2020, he opened another eatery next door: Bravo, which offers wood-fired pizza and other items inspired by Wong’s travels in the Mediterranean. It and Bloom are just the beginning for Wong, who has even more ideas for the future. He’s excited to keep bringing the world to his small Arizona town.

Bloom is located at 365 N. Broad Street in Globe. For more information, call 928-473-1928 or visit