Alma de Sedona Inn

By Noah Austin | Photograph by Paul Markow

The word “labyrinth” can mean many things, but in this instance, we’re not talking about the 1986 film starring David Bowie. A labyrinth looks like a maze, but it’s not a maze — you go out the same way you go in. It’s an ancient meditation tool; as Lori Reinhold says, it “gets you out of your ‘left brain/right brain’ thinking.”

Reinhold is the general manager and innkeeper at Alma de Sedona Inn, a fixture on the west side of Sedona since 1998. A while back, knowing that many people come to Red Rock Country for more than shopping and gorgeous scenery, Reinhold convinced owner Dr. Carolyn Crawford, who bought the B&B in 2004, to let her install a labyrinth at the property. That’s led, she says, to an uptick in visitors — some of whom found the inn through a website called Labyrinth Locator. It was a natural fit for the “Soul of Sedona.”

“A lot of people come here for a spiritual experience,” says Reinhold, who also added a medicine wheel to the grounds. “With only 12 rooms, there’s a lot of space around the property to relax.”

That’s easy to do in the rooms, too. All but one of them feature a two-person bathtub with jets, and Reinhold provides bath salts she makes with Dead Sea and Himalayan salt. Some rooms offer a panoramic view of nearby red-rock buttes and the distant Mingus Mountain. Luxurious bathrobes are provided, and a gas fireplace keeps things cozy.

The B&B’s commitment to its guests continues at breakfast, which is catered to individual tastes and needs — gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan diets are no problem. Feel like a chorizo burrito or a gluten-free scone? It’ll be made from scratch. And Reinhold and the other innkeepers pride themselves on knowing the area and providing dining and leisure recommendations.

“Some places recommend things because they get a commission,” she says. “For me, it’s not about the commission; it’s about guests having the best experience.”

For those seeking a spot for a special occasion, the inn works with guests to plan surprise birthday parties and engagements. “It’s fun to be in on the secret,” Reinhold says.

When it comes to Alma de Sedona Inn, though, the secret may be out. As for the secrets of the labyrinth? You’ll have to discover those for yourself.

Alma de Sedona Inn is located at 50 Hozoni Drive in Sedona. For more information, call 928-282-2737 or visit