Guest House Inn

By Kathy Montgomery | Photo by Tim Fuller

In 1925, a guesthouse was built for company directors and visitors to the New Cornelia copper mine in Ajo. Newspapers reported that the house — designed by renowned Phoenix architectural firm Lescher & Mahoney — would have “all the modern conveniences.” It would feature a large dining room, four spacious bedrooms with private bathrooms, sleeping porches and a cook’s room. The mine closed years ago, but the house remains. Today, it’s a bed and breakfast appropriately called the Guest House Inn. The sleeping porches have been converted into sunny, window-lined hallways that run along two sides of the house just outside the guestrooms. They serve as shared sitting rooms, where neat stacks of magazines teeter on every surface. Another holdover is the demonstration cactus garden behind the house. It’s planted with mature saguaro and organ pipe cactuses similar to those found at nearby Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.